Speed / Temperature

︎︎︎ Maxwell Rabb
︎ FEB 10, 2022

                                                              eyes up
            the cusp of the city, September brings
             high bones.        dust devil, the mass
              prayer.           here in the car, we’ve
               taken the wrong turn, tickled
                bristle by      swift touchdown on
                the north shore.        the antennae
                 bent over the edge of the city.   i
               put together      broken mantlepieces.
                   take seconds        the heavy twister:
                    metropolitan Phoenix fared
                       better         it has been a short
                         and funny life                 often
                              quick calls          the dial list
                              names recognized in brief
                                sight but that’s all

                              heavy set rainfall
                                three guys [outdoors]
                                 brawling it out–

                                        until the debris [air]
                                          clears, it is
                                           unsafe to
                                          eyes on
                                          the road

                                           is on

Maxwell Rabb
lives in Chicago, but leaves his heart in New Orleans and Atlanta. He is a poet, pursuing his M.F.A. at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in GASHER, Dream Pop Journal, Deluge, After the Pause, and The Operating System. He loves to move in every sense of the word.