︎︎︎ Adam Stutz

︎ Jan 16, 2023

Open the page of the morning + assemble the cross-stitch   
of a tear + confusion    bless the diagonal line    emanating

across     floorboards + the levitation of dust     bless this limit line
fading into the walls

open the trembling dissolve into quiet + carry a multitude of nuisances
into the bloodstream    apparatuses     of broken concentrations

(call them other splinters)     fragments to press into clay/clutter

This parlance of ataxia + wavering tongues— call it aspiration—creates
space for fire poems + giddy disasters    I could pathologize to-go order

minutiae pressed into the dregs     of scraps + dishes + weep quietly into
the pressure of our saturnine surroundings     (a slow melt)

Holy broad-brush w/ too much     ink     we should light up these bottles
to dance    we should take the tender dissection of our ashes
to cultivate more conviction in seedlings

our inanities only reveal        our nervous gravity keeping us dear

Adam Stutz is the author of Transcript (Cooper Dillon Books, 2017) and The Scales (White Stag Publishing, 2018). His work has appeared in The Equalizer: Second Series, The Cultural Society, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Prelude, Be About It, Deluge, Dum Dum Zine, The Pinch, Where is the River, Dream Pop, Cover, Ghost Proposal, Columba Poetry, Only Good Poems, INKSOUNDS, The Racket, and can also be found at He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.