Quantum Musings of an Autistic Child

︎︎︎ Brent White
︎ AUG 26, 2021

It's not an original idea,
postulating that gravity
spread across the multiverse
explains its feeble force.
It made sense to him
as he wondered about the cosmos.
... but then why are not the other forces
trans-space/time/dimensional too?

Hey, maybe gravity is God's hand
holding it all together ...
or God's hyperbolic, trans-dimensional joke
on old ladies with saggy boobs?
...That's what grandma says...

The autistic boy
pondered these things
while gazing into the infinite sky
... oh no! ten minutes late to school

... and how does an alpha or beta particle
result from an unstable isotope's neutron decay
into a photon with an electron or proton (or is it neutron)
flying out with gamma rays?

... how about a photon
exciting electrons,
cascading, reflecting absorbing
into an electron cloud?
... hmmmm ...
the similarity of photons and electrons
... and how does gamma radiation
fit into the equation?

"Ryan! ... are you with us?" queries the TLC Aid...

"... star light, star bright...

first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
have this wish I wish tonight..."

... how can an electron
originate in the nucleus of an atom
from the decay of a neutron?
or a photon from fusion in the sun?
... but if a photon excites the nucleus of an atom
and the atom's nucleus
emits a subatomic particle
is it then called a photon?
... photon, electron, positron, beta particle
all seem interchangeable
only with different origins
... and all are part of the electromagnetic spectrum ...
Can anyone shed some light on this?

... "self-absorption and getting lost
in his cloistered quantum world
aids and abets his social ineptitude"
declares the Special Education Teacher at TLC

... and if photons are bits of electromagnetic energy
that emit from a transmuted neutron
how is it that light is absorbed by or reflected from an object
by the excitement of electrons in the electron cloud?
... and if matter is mostly empty space,
devoid even of subatomic particles at the quantum level
why don't most photons just pass through
regardless of the vibrational frequency of photons and electrons?
... ergo, everything should be transparent...
... and let us not forget that within the electron cloud
electrons have different energy levels
of vibrational frequency
embraced by their own wave function

.... ah! I see the light! ...
the boy waves his hands
with changing amplitude and frequency
vibrating the cloud of dust motes ablaze
from photons cascading through the window pane

... a subatomic particle (bit of energy actually)
originating from the electron cloud is an electron
... a bit of energy with the same mass as an electron
emanating from the nucleus is a positron .... or a photon...
... and what about dark energy and matter
we cannot perceive by any known means
that quantum physicists believe in
with religious fervor?
... faith in string theory
which in turn gives birth to the multiverse,
seem as logically consistent
as the Flying Spaghetti Monster ... or the Holy Trinity
... or perhaps the alternate universes with which we co-exist
ARE the yin to our yang
and expressed as the attractive force of gravity
that holds our universes together
... as such, this attractive force
would permeate the multiverse
with gravity most focused
where the matter of the infinite universes overlap
... does this make at least as much sense
as mythical ether?
the dark energy and matter
of quantum mysticism

"I am mightier than gravity!"
blurts out the autistic child
as he picks up a crayon

... if I am stronger than gravity
how can IT hold the universe together?
... because it never gives up ...
the trans-universal tortoise to the quantum electromagnetic hare
... his pet theory...
the wave function itself imparts mass
hence gravity to matter.
not the God-like boson particle
… dark energy and dark matter
... ephemeral as the neither world
... so ya gotta read between the lines...
... God's domain in the empty spaces

Do the autistic child's musings -
God, Multiverse, Holy Trinity, Flying Spaghetti Monster,
All in the same breath, offend you?
Tread lightly in your rebuttal or
the autistic child may start headbanging.
Talk softly.
Lightly hold his hand.
Smile as you agree

Brent White
has traveled the world, first with the Navy and Marine Corps, and later as his wanderlust has taken him. Afterwards, he taught at Northwestern College of Art, as well as with special needs children. Artistically, he has channeled his bipolar/autistic nature to create carousel menagerie animals found on carousels around the world, been an Artist in Residence for the Badlands National Park. White’s had short stories and poems published in several literary journals.