︎︎︎ Melinda Freudenberger

︎ AUG 3, 2021

  mary mother of bottomless drinks and morning afters:

      bestow upon me disobedience | make me un-sexy, un-

easy | pluck each tooth out of my mouth to kiss the wetness

  left behind | in a dream i’m gifted a figurine of you, fully

    enrobed in blue silk, hands extended in perpetual giving |

       in this dream i wear a choker | in this dream i end up


wearing nothing, pressed against another body, smoothed

     and slicked over glittering bathroom tile as our mutual

        understanding invents a new way to undo me | un-

everything, i prayed and you took me, pushed not one but two

     fingers in past my lips | i hold your gaze: there is a whole

new challenge at the bottom of me—it hangs limp and full

     off of a single branch | they got it wrong, you said, at the

        beginning of the world there was just one woman with

a finger on her clit, dreaming

Melinda Freudenberger received her MFA in Poetry from The New School. Her work has been recently published in the New Delta Review and Always Crashing magazine and is forthcoming in Anomaly.