︎︎︎ Alex Here

︎ Jan 30, 2024

What’s it called when you put your fingernails
in your pocket after you peel them off?
I can’t be seen but pls comment on my post,
c’mon, c’mon, okay.


Check DMs like licking poison
between a drawing of Jesus and
house number 33.

Get a buzz,
say ‘let’s fucking go’ and
take some selfies.

Do you believe me?
Post it.

Pause to chew your chemical protein,
lick a turkey sandwich,
post the post-life bird in mayonnaise,
eat the feathers and the veins.

Post when the most people are online.
Post when you’re post-based.
Post when you feel like it.

Do you believe me?

God just wants us to be okay.

Alex Here is a writer and visual artist in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in The Quill and exhibited with ALLGORITHIM, J Alley Studios, and more. She has two visual poems forthcoming with Dream Boy Book Club and an upcoming short story on the (Un)likeminded Podcast.