Portion Control

︎︎︎ Hieu Nguyen

︎ MAY 12, 2022

half eaten bagel         on top my jasper
everything tastes better
with                 tomato & cucumber

medulla corn oil seeps thru         económicas
will never be this transparent
                       hold it up to sunlight
just to read about maximum
so 3 of my friends dance in front of me
and won’t speak
for they have long blonde hair     yet the day is not dark

don’t play with me
of course i own advanced japanese technologies

guess ill just run around my apartment building
gilded ceiling              sing
                                                 under soft white lighting
press one button to watch swan lake
                                                   from the eyes of the lake
          experience multiple orgasms
                                                             on the toilet
bring a mackerel back to life               
finally to swim
                                     by way of ether

Hieu Nguyen
is a writer and student living in New York City. His work is forthcoming in Fruit Journal and can also be found in The Drunken Canal, Emerge Journal, and The American Anthropological Association. Lana Del Rey used to follow him on Instagram until she deactivated her account forever.