︎︎︎ Cassandra Moss

︎ June 3, 2021

Every day an app asks me
how I’m feeling
Today I was tapping that
I have no symptoms
when there was a push notification
to say that we may all be
infertile by 2045
I was alone in my rented room
And I wasn’t planning on reproducing anyway
I think I felt sorta resigned
about the whole thing
the childlessness –
en masse and personal
I dunno
I can only think I feel

Cassandra Moss
was born in Manchester, England. She studied English with Film at King's College London, and subsequently worked in the film industry and as an ESL teacher. Since completing an MPhil in Linguistics at Trinity College, Dublin, she’s been living and writing by the sea. Her writing has been published or is forthcoming in numerous journals, including 3am Magazine, Squawk Back, The Passage Between, Posit, Sunspot Lit, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, KAIROS Literary Magazine, The Bangalore Review, Drunk Monkeys, Goat’s Milk Magazine, Interpret Magazine, The Write Launch, Causeway Lit, and New York Quarterly.