Permanent Wilting Point

Michael McCullough
︎ OCT 25, 2021

What a joy
To sundry afternoons
excavate the caverns
of dark matter
or black bile

To watch the pupil feast
on the l’heure bleue
the curbed view from
your victorian windows
swallow the malaise

Trellised on street corners
near the painted ladies
pink jasmine bloomed
and I loved you
but you wilted before she died

Water penetrates
to a certain depth
before saturating the soil
there’s an available capacity
for all things empty

Michael McCullough is a winemaker and poet based in Oakland, California. He was born in Austin, Texas, and raised in North Yorkshire, UK. He has a strange voice. McCullough was the Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, California from 2018-2020. If you don’t like his poems, you can find his wine at @outiswines.

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