Packing up

︎︎︎ Jo O'Lone-Hahn

︎ AUG 24, 2021

I’m gonna gather
what’s left of our objects / abject
-ion, I’m gonna be high
the whole time. A bad

habit, a finger, a pistil.
Synesthesia in synapses w/

no roots. It’s not as bad
as it sounds, my friends
are sitting in a circle, eyes
like moons in the desert,
projecting my heartache

onto them like music over
the desert. I’m floating,

I’m on a long drive
out of here. A cactus
up ahead, I have a needle
& a telescope. Anything
that grows from nothing
already withstood the dark.

Jo O'Lone-Hahn
is a visual artist based in Las Vegas. Her work can be found in HASH Journal, BAG Magazine, The Hunger, and Figure 1, with work forthcoming in Great River Review, Tampa Review, Black Warrior Review, and Posit. She is the poetry editor of Witness Magazine and an MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She can be found at @joolonehahn.