︎︎︎ Pitambar Naik
︎ DEC 21, 2021

Even a tired evening sings full circle  
                 a lotus’ breast shape is an abundant bliss  
to be framed in ninety degrees.
                       Let life forget the abrogation of time  
              for God’s sake, sometimes the
              century is a cloakroom of hullabaloos
                         maybe a side of moon’s lips stares  
              if you’re an artist, think of an exchangeable
              oxymoron. The herald of Christmas carol is
              the sign for exchanging our sins for life eternity.

Let’s desire for the blessings from the Eucharist;  
to merge in an atomic bond, the meaning of deep
spirituality means just love for the alienated.    

Pitambar Naik
is an advertising professional. He’s a poetry editor for Minute Magazine and winner of the Spotlight Literary Festival Prize for Poetry, 2021. His work appears or is forthcoming in Packingtown Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Mason Street Review, Rigorous, New Contrast, Ghost City Review, Glass Poetry, Cha Journal, The Indian Quarterly, Vayavya, and The World Belongs To Us (HarperCollins India) among others. The Anatomy of Solitude (Hawakal) is his debut book of poetry. He grew up in Odisha, India.

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