Onan Ivory

︎︎︎ Alan Elyshevitz

︎ AUG 23, 2021

Onan Ivory is                      a good color
for a car                                No one wants
the yellow                            It screams
like a toddler                       and moves
only in circles                     noisily
It wets the bed                   and looks smaller
than it actually is                I want to be
dull and unpoliced             I don’t want to be
magnified                            by a helicopter
nor stained                          by identity ink
I’d give anything                to be Onan Ivory
with a small nose               do my business
with sneakers                     on the street
buy a doughnut                 in the morning
claim                                      a public bench
and watch                           the squirrels fall


Alan Elyshevitz
is the author of a collection of stories, The Widows and Orphans Fund (SFA Press), and three poetry chapbooks, most recently Imaginary Planet (Cervena Barva). His poems have appeared in River Styx, Nimrod International Journal, and Water ̴ Stone Review, among many others. Winner of the James Hearst Poetry Prize from North American Review, he is also a two-time recipient of a fellowship in fiction writing from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.