Nondeterministic polynomial-time complete

︎︎︎ Mikael Fransson

︎ JUNE 22, 2022

Intuiting the veriest catch-all-fix, s/he saddened
and turned to lesser problems. Like high-running laptop fans
stopping down in utter silence. Switched from a “log-” to
half a “starfish”-sleep-position, exposing a strip of
naked forearm skin
to the surrounding air.        No longer filled with imagery
or possible circumstances demanding an emotive response.
Just the reflexive attempts at flickering off some dusty
particles in the lashes of one eye. Vaguely saddened still.
Yet per definition unaware (not actively nor passively
seeking anything). A type of sadness merely lingering.
A phantom pain afloat some unknown depths.

These dusty particles
in motion
– from one eyelash to the other
(increasingly bothersome) –,
are nearing the pointy edge where
cartoon-tears shoot out.         A physical peeve.
It’s quick to inhabit whatever space the
shapeless sorrow held.

And now,

suddenly forgetful,

s/he wakes to a world of verifiable truths,
having glimpsed the innermost method of what is presently just
a filled-out sudoku on the bedside table.

Mikael Fransson
is a Swedish writer, b. 1988, interested in the philosophical skepticism of Pyrrho, Persian miniature painting, Italian futurist poetry, ancient Near East mythology, Laozi, Immanuel Kant, claycourt tennis, early Christianity, linguistics, and a variety of other things.