My blood is water

︎︎︎︎︎ John Doe
︎Nov 11, 2023

Fix me. Over and over. I remember the smell of your bedsheets. They smelled like fine china. I’m aware the kindest thing I could do for you is disappear completely. And I will. I have novocaine in my heart. My heart is made of ice and my blood is water. I exist for you only. And I understand now that I’m invisible.

Immortality was when you gave me your heart. I care about phones and God and beauty and love. I missed some of the traps you got caught in. I’m no better for it. I have my small poems and you have your freedom. But I can still hold the memory of you in my hands. And I can still call for you from the swimming pool of my heart.

We made a promise with our bodies. Back when you had a Cold War to win. When we were mastering the Art of Breaking Up. And I carried you with me all of the time. Like sugar cubes dissolving in water. I’ll be here when you need me. And my water will belong to you.

John Doe is a Michigan-based poet.