Mount Joy

︎︎︎︎︎ Danielle Chelosky

︎ Aug 9, 2023

I’m learning to smile and sneer at the same time
and you’re on a date with a mega-millionaire
he’s luring you back to his and giving you a hair mask
and I’m working a fake job until midnight
and eating s’mores for dinner and you’re fingering me
while driving me home and I’m crying
because my bunny keeps pissing on my couch
and you’re taking me to a car show in a small, secluded town
and I’m having panic attacks from never-ending stomachaches
and we’re riding around in your mom’s Benz, moaning
from the massage seats and you’re smoking cigarette after cigarette
as a form of procrastination and I’m falling asleep
beside you in bed, dreaming of my laptop screen
and you run up an $800 tab with this rich guy and he asks you
if I want to be an editor at Rolling Stone and I reply
in my head that I don’t, I want to take his credit card and
your mom’s Benz and run away with you (and my bunny)
to a small, secluded town to settle down, to dream of nothing.

Danielle Chelosky is an editor at Hobart Pulp and an intern at Amphetamine Sulphate.

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