︎︎︎ Sylvia Pollack

︎ April 13, 2021

Spinning through space   plastic spoons   and  bottle caps
broken Bic pens   plead   touch me with more than your eyes.

Shards of plastic   seek consolation   yet desolation reigns.
Detritus falls   from great heights   makes mandalas

on concrete floors   If I’m held in too high regard
I might tumble   from   perfection's platform   too

still wanting to please.   Or better still   be useful.  
Have I outlived my usefulness?   I am tea bag   toothpick

Scotch tape dispenser.   My country’s a garbage heap.
My nationality is now.   Soothed by symmetry   and repetition

let’s focus on the miracle   of injection molding
forget the strip mines   sweat shops  strip malls.

Spin plastic shrouds   text invitations   to the funeral,
bring a bottle   of single malt Scotch  to the wake.

Sylvia Byrne Pollack’s work appears in Floating Bridge Review, Crab Creek Review, and Clover, among others. A two-time Pushcart nominee, she won the 2013 Mason's Road Literary Award and was a 2019 Jack Straw Writer.