︎︎︎ Chelsea McCarthy

︎ Jan 17, 2023

Vulnerable to her soft choices,
those reckless shoulders,
those long nights.

Fleshy mountains,
rising and falling.

Mental lists,
overdriven, justify-justify.

Harboring too many beliefs.
Mouthing words to herself
in the vegetable aisle.

Against all instincts,
the attachment of a child
and the need to be held.

Anger is too basic.
Carrying secrets in a fake bag,
like smoking a cigarette in the garage, or spending a life not being herself.

Chelsea McCarthy is a multi-hyphenate creative who lives on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Oscillating through the worlds of fine art, business, and wellness, she finds herself in awe. She’s currently in an era of saying yes and trusting herself.