︎︎︎︎︎ Malaya Malandro
︎Oct 11, 2023

There's a puppet
            with long glorious strings
            when drawn out
            laid flat
you can make out the contour of your whole damn life.

The light leaks
            from the stairs growing from the side
            of a row of abandoned homes.

Jesus the man with a plastic bag
            in warm worn black clothing
            with his back towards you
            climbs them slowly.

A cliff
A hero
A wooden puppet on a bus

Identical set of friends
in sets of 3
Pass me over
and over

Waiting to meet someone,
an old friend,
who hasn't known me in a while.

These places I like,
where there are lotto tickets on the wall
and the cheap bad black coffee,

all of its a remedy to the really, really nice things
That smell so nice,
once you drain it of the blood.  

Malaya Malandro is an artist and worker spending time between New York and Los Angeles. She recently released Everything is a Self-Portrait, an art book of poetry and photography, with photographer Francis Kanai.