Know before as children

︎︎︎ Sam Robinson

︎ Apr 9, 2024

Receiving prehistoric intimations
“As the mind of ape is to human
so we are to the gods, building
sandcastles” I could cry salt
for an ocean to wash it all
away— the ruins come down to
us as stories or signals picked
up by those rare life-forms
possessing receptive antennae
groping forward hungry for future
I could cry— the innocent
laughter is a blessing playing
under the sun by an ancient ocean



Sam Robinson is a writer from Massachusetts whose poetry has appeared in Blue Arrangements, No More Prostitutes, SWAMP, and Reap Thrill. He is the author of a chapbook, New Age Self Help (Bottlecap Press, 2024), and is the singer and lyricist of the band Be Released.

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