︎︎︎ Andrew K. Peterson

︎ September 15, 2022

            dark blobs
            oak-wound across
            hyphen-roads; precious
            strands we gather
            after workshop to forget
            undulating storms, oil-
            dripped on yellow clouds
            call back faraway arms
            a peace attack of wildflowers
            the moment snaps you back
            to weed over field-bloom
            as you learn to re-enjoy
                                          breathing again
            subjective expression excludes
            formal order & structure
            … oh? too tired to talk about
            how funny i think it is
            when i try
            like i need form or ideals
            to still lightly push away from

Andrew K. Peterson
is the author of five poetry books, most recently A blue nocturne notebook (Spuyten Duyvil, 2021). He lives in Boston.