It’s raining in the park

︎︎︎ Luca Salman

︎ Jan 5, 2023

My hair is crooked
hanging loosely
in my eyes
falling out as if
I were sick or something
when I brush
through it
my nails are red
and flaking off
they keep growing and growing
without ever asking
for permission
so I sit
inside my room
on my small bed
Filing down my nails
So they won’t break
Or scratch me up
Since they don’t ask
I am hanging indolently
From the edges of my bed
Touching the floor
With the soles of my feet
Wrapped in blue socks
With white stars on
I stole them from home
So it is not really stealing
I stole a sticker once
As a kid
At the grocery store
Out of a magazine

Luca Salman is a writer and English Lit student currently living in Amsterdam. Her work has appeared in PILOT Magazine (UK).