ISSUE 1 COMING 2021        

︎ SPECTRA Poets is a print publication and online collective of perspectives {along a variety of inner* and outer** spectra} stretching language into and beyond a catalog of edges.



SPECTRA began as an idea mid-pandemic when I heard about a community of people called Spellers. They cannot speak. Most of them have autism and use written word to express what they cannot say. This was the beginning. But I didn’t and don’t want to publish anyone purely based on their identity or ability, so I decided to focus on the meaning, the words, what came across. Going by the philosophy that we’re all a bit spectral, across a variety of spectra, anyone can be a SPECTRA Poet. We all land somewhere. The point is the poetry. SPECTRA publishes poetry that connects, poetry 
that can be felt, poetry that unveils truths about earthly/human existence, and poetry as art.