I’m Not Afraid Anymore to Call It Sex

︎︎︎︎︎ Nastasia Koulich
︎ Sept 19, 2023

The miracle of life came
From the great sacraments of your mother tongue
Merely dying and empty vessels filled
With the white light love
Equal to all messiahs
I will fill them too, as chalises do
Their mouth recovering under an opening sweep of a new day’s gold
We eat each other’s bread fervently, earnestly
Like bags of tea
In one another’s
No more am I self-sealing
I make their stomach blush
Elbows sweat
Fingers pop
Balance their skins
I waited for you in each person I saw

Nastasia Koulich was born and raised in Vegas and now lives in a 500 sqft box in the City of Angels. She's an actress (she’s really good) and an artist. Some things that inspire her are Eurotrash music, the Mojave, and the steppes of Russia.

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