I Kissed A Sea Snail

︎︎︎ Lily Rose Kosmicki

︎ May 12, 2021

It ended once
Upon a time
I was the teenager reading
Sun-culled exasperating
Horoscopes that forebode
Too many hyphens
It ends again and again
With a psychosomatic
Ethereal harpist
Wearing white cowboy boots
Pushing over the blue
Eiffel tower, smashing red roses
Into pulp, singing songs to flay
Buffalo, taking stock
Of the very questions
That yield the answer:
In-between was everything
(No, really, everything)    
Somatotyping, death, ingestion, gestation, heartbreaking
Doves were always having babies

Making endings
Takes longer than beginnings  
In the meantime, my first kiss
Cracked out of an open shell

Lily Rose Kosmicki is a librarian at the Denver Public Library and by night she is a collector of dreams. Her zine Dream Zine won a Broken Pencil Zine Award for Best Art Zine 2018. Her work appears in Bombay Gin, NOMADartx, Seisma Magazine, and elsewhere.