︎︎︎ Aaron Lelito
︎ FEB 14, 2022

Union with versus distance from

the desire for distance,
for a further away, yet more radiant

Unable to take refuge
from vibration between pulses,

I gather the lissome in-between,
the firelight through eyelids,

the miscible
everyday eternal.

And with a glimpse it can endure
beyond enumerated grace,

its own glowing rawness
can be enough to blossom

into elaborate refractions,
undifferentiated mirrors

to inhere a stillness of
slightest ripeness.

Aaron Lelito
is a visual artist from Buffalo, NY. In his photographic work, he is primarily drawn to the patterns and imagery of nature. His images have been published as cover art in Red Rock Review, Peatsmoke Journal, and The Scriblerus. His work has also appeared in Barzakh Magazine, LandLocked Magazine, EcoTheo Review, and volume 1 of SPECTRA Poets. He is editor-in-chief of the art & literature website Wild Roof Journal. See more of his work on Instagram @runic_ruminations.

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