Flowery Language

 ︎︎︎ David Lindsay

︎ APR 26, 2022

what we say
when we dont understand flowers

after all

what it must feel like to be pollen
floating through the air
like hair spiraling to a drain

what it must feel like to turn sun
into food

eating ass,
on tectonic plates.

The solar power
to make the shake.

When we lose the language of flowers
It turns off ultra violet datura
its mix of devil and milkweed.

no night shade
whose tomato blossom turn into fat water
glow pleasure on our lips

No pollinating flowers with our tongue
the touch of carbonated fingertips.

Maybe it is then a problem of attention or translation
and articulation


some of us need a moment to differentiate between a loving touch and a hurtful touch.

David Lindsay is a poet, curator, and visual artist. Currently a New York resident, Lindsay’s work explores the edge of our built environment and its flowers, and where to go from there. daviddavidlindsay.com