Dream Child

︎︎︎ Frankie BB

︎Jan 4, 2024

We raise a child who practices falling
who digs holes obsessively
who counts ants
like a census taker
and wants to be carried
through the city
like an unlit cigarette
in a seagull’s mouth
or behind
an old woman’s fire-
scarred ear.

I suppose this adds up
since you and I are both fire
Stuck in the ground
right next to one another.
Redundant and waiting
for some
dog-piss catastrophe.

Frankie BB is a map of eyes that have yet to assemble into a crowd, a jaw bone that dislikes being called "mandible" and prefers "crescent catcher." A guilty harvester who believes milk is best served wild. Other words in: Peach Mag, Bedfellows, B l u s h Lit, and Witchcraft Mag.