Diary Entry for You and Me

︎︎︎ Priya KB

︎Dec 9, 2023

In my dreams I lose all my belongings in a flood. I find them afterwards covered in silt and dirt. In my dreams I never lose my teeth and I never find myself in public with no pants on.

In reality, I spend a lot of time in front of a mirror. I am researching ways to stand in front of the camera and be thinner and more appealing. This weather makes me feel like I am getting thinner, but I am not. My writing gets better then worse, then better again. I copy and paste my favorite stories into word documents to see what it would look like if I had thought of them myself.

Have you noticed that many girls wear stripes these days? Striped scarves and mittens for the wind. For Halloween, I wanted to wear a striped bikini, but I couldn’t get the colors right. I was little red riding hood instead. My friend who hated me was the wolf.

Because the sun sets earlier, you and I are now able to spend more time together. Cold weather doesn't stop us from crushing one another so you curl up by my side and crack my ribs. All of your lead and flesh is now also mine. I lift our conjoined mass, melded from hip to shoulder. I lift us out of love and also spite. It hurts now but we’ll smile about it later.

Priya KB is a writer and professional everything who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She has a 12-year-old dog and loves to knit.