Dear Manager,

︎︎︎︎︎ Audrey King
︎Oct 26, 2023

I know I am at 100% capacity in my voicemail.
I know you think I am lazy, or perhaps ignorant,
but when I hear the sweet lamb in his baby voice,
I leave the box full.

Say my name. Sweetie.
I miss the brutality of your voice. The hell.
I miss driving up the coast for breakfast.
I miss unwarranted advice. Coffee on the patio.
A bird shitting on your shoulder.
I miss your good luck.
I miss knowing you are out there.

If you are not dead yet, I know someday
I will want to hear you say my name–

Hi sweetie,
where the hell are you?

Audrey King is a recent graduate of Bennington College where she concentrated in Poetry and Dance. Her work has been published in Gulf Coast Journal, Heavy Feather Review, and Harpur Palate. When she is not writing about death she is dyeing clothing with plants in her garden. She currently lives in Los Angeles.