Dawn Moon and Tumbling Snow

︎︎︎ Michael Washington

︎ Jan 16, 2024

“A fully functional samurai sword”
is what you asked for for your birthday.
It seems like everything that exists,
everything that has existed,
and everything that will exist
is turning 30 this year.
It also seems like only yesterday
you and I were playing Marco
Polo in the primordial ooze–
worldbuilding in parallel and orbiting
each other forever, always already almost
old friends–but that was fifteen years ago,
fifteen years after God created everything
from nothing just so that we could meet then,
then hid behind a giant storm cloud,
where He waits for us to meet again,
biting His fingernails while watching
me slice my hands open while wrapping
your katana in a brand new skin I made
out of a large-scale map of Eden.

Michael Washington is a writer and cartoonist. His work has appeared in The Drunken Canal, On My Computer, SMK Mag, and more.