︎︎︎︎︎ Hieu Nguyen
︎ Sept 24, 2023

       copy       look up           extend          manipulate 
  freudenfreude           the cat        scan and
         his little scoundrel    raises        The
        hairs                    on my back.             okay
  so what  were drugging
    we skip class to do                  the more seductive work
  followed you   all the way            new haven
gingerly      not on the same platform
no we were        actually.    this private beach
     does not                 contain     sea fleas
    now again      the current strong is          very
savage image              screen     shotted
      that was insane.             wasnt it
          like literally woke up with          this last
    message         lol     youre my scapegoat I pull
      a black           feather out         from my             teeth,
the twins     explain to me          the game           of crabs
         yet skip rocks                  by the sound

Hieu Nguyen is a writer and student living in New York City. His work can be found in Silver Operation, The Citadel, Fruit Journal, The Drunken Canal, Emerge Journal, and The American Anthropological Association. Lana Del Rey used to follow him on Instagram until she deactivated her account forever.

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