Body Swap

︎︎︎ Olivia Kamer

︎ JUNE 9, 2022

You wake one day and
discover your new name
and your new home filled
with sound
and your quilts unfolded
drying in the sun
and your baskets full
of shells
and all of the
travelers who come by
bringing you gifts like
golden saffron
music boxes
hand-rolled cigarettes
who sit and tell you
stories while you feed them
figs and
who then make love to
you exactly as you
like filling your skin
with light
you love the paper you
live on while
the poet writes your
new name
she gives you juice
pollen and
the sound
of distant trains

Olivia Kamer
is a writer and visual artist living in Los Angeles. Her written work has been published in Mosaic Magazine, The Dollhouse, Danger Zone, and Subtext. She has also self-published four chapbooks of poetry, one of which (entitled go to your window) is accompanied by a forthcoming spoken-word album available on all music streaming services. You can find Olivia on Instagram @livkamer.

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