︎︎︎︎︎ Serena Devi
︎ Aug 23, 2023

in this rather detailed petroglyph
of a young girl a
butterfly-shaped design appears
to be stitched into the mesh of her shirt

on a later ax blade
we see a rougher hewn
mirror of the shape
– near carbon copy!

a side note:
something terrible happened to this girl
most likely
and now she appears
in caves and tapestries and pieces of toasted bread
on practically every continent

some bad thing befell her
and she became transported

I can’t quite reckon with how
so few anthropological texts make
meat of the fact that
we see this mother shape
burned into stone, textiles, wood
carved into precious gemstones even
but only ever
flat pinned and reverent

often found near bodies of water
impossible to attribute

Serena Devi is a writer from Kentucky based in Brooklyn, New York. She has had fiction and poetry published in dirt child, Social Text, Shitwonder, The Recluse, and Forever Mag. @14.16.22