Athena Creates “The Melody of Many Heads”*

 ︎︎︎ Carol Wise
︎ MAR 9, 2022

Salt stream in the box
                    derma/scythe crash
                    on shore
                    in system solute/ion
                                             Cl —                      Na+
                                                              Na+                 Cl—
                                                   Cl—                                             Na+
                                                                                 Cl —
                                      Cl—            Na+    
                                                Na+                        Na+
                  Cl—                                                Cl—

                                 break of shard
                    curving reflect/ion
           swan elderly swan neck
       swan wrinkle pale in
the poem parch/
       stolen ducts weep
              belted red tongue red
                        of mortal oxidat/ion
                                    shard of broken

                                                                       site of goddess tending charge
                                                                      inverted pipe imitate/ion stolen
                                                                      from neck lamentat/ion of
                                                                        solitary gorgoN/a+
                                                                        split into

                                                                                              gilded blade                
                                                                                              pale horse feather

*From Pindar’s PYTHIAN 12

Carol Wise
is a graduate of the University of Georgia and lives in Athens, Georgia for now. You can find her work in Stillpoint Literary Magazine, DELUGE (from Radioactive Moat), Metatron Press's micro poem series, and Dream Pop Press. When not collaging poetry with a lick-and-stick method, Carol constructs elaborate patio-forts for herself and her cats, Tit and Boof.