︎︎︎ Rachel Allen

︎ Jan 23, 2023

not prophecy: a technology of procreation
in sage, kinship in the age of assisted reproduction
stands green in the sill of stopped time
against fragments for a history of the human body, aubergine edition; it freaks divides, part one of a
vertical axis, regarding what aligns mortal and divine:

The tattoo in my mouth that says mother
When my lip folds down
Like a fawn
feigning : grace : in the morning : after : darkness : retching / after : the reaching : down : into ourself 
where the curve of our breast belies doleful willing : but before that bolsters the upper register :
of chest / what / matter / supports without inspiring : supplier breast

Read backwards it forms a typology :
cast in marginalia
new material; miraculous lactation; vampiric zombies ; bed of roses ; this dummy breast

Rachel Allen is a writer and editor in New York. Her work has been anthologized by Best American Experimental Writing, Archways Editions, and Steel Incisors; she previously edited Asymptote and Guernica. Presently, she assists production at the Poetry Project and operates Hypothetical Books.

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