︎︎︎ John Ling

︎ Mar 23, 2023

Dear, distance is the answer—so they say,
the pricks back home. I’d kick them in the teeth
for thinking I would let you live a day
without me. I don’t care we’ve got no heat
and roaches in the pantry—I’ll buy wool
and glue traps. If I bring home two glass eyes
will you agree to wear them? We could stroll
through Soho on a Sunday, like our lives
were guiltless. You’d be in a navy suit
and I’d wear something black from Saint Laurent
while having gin and oysters—one day soon
I’ll make that kind of cash. For now I’ll flaunt
these dollar bangle bracelets—anything
to show the world that you were once a King.

John Ling lives and works in New York City. @johnlingmusic