A semi truck hit me

︎︎︎ Brittany Menjivar

︎ Jan 12, 2023

And I thanked God for saving my face before I thanked him for saving my life. In Boston last night, I fell asleep to the rhythm of a man digging (I assumed it was a man). I wondered if he was wearing a black hat. I wondered if his sadness (I assumed he knew sadness) was more pure than mine. I tried to pray and wound up thinking about stars—how their distance makes them register as fiction.

Brittany Menjivar was born and raised in the DMV, but now works and plays in the City of Angels. Her short film Fragile.com (dir. Alison-Eve Hammersley) can be viewed via the ALTER Channel on YouTube. Her writing has been published by Versification, pan-pan press, and Bureau of Complaint (which nominated her piece "Prophecy" for a Best of the Net Award in 2022). @BrittMenjivar