A Bad Influence Influences The Influential

︎︎︎ Joe Sonnenblick

︎ AUG 11, 2021

Turn into eucharist dust
Manifest a god you’ve been pining over
Committing treason for no good nick,
Here you are
Standing right in front of the altar
Holy communion,
Still breathing after
As I teach you to smoke a joint
The vetting process begins,
Sinking into the chair
Pressed up against modernity
Feeling everything all at once,
In this unholy carnival.

Joe Sonnenblick
is a native New Yorker who has been featured in numerous publications including The Beatnik Cowboy, Impspired, The Academy Of The Heart and Mind, Fleas On The Dog, Aji, and numerous others. Joe is shopping around his first completed volume of poetry titled Hymns For Perverts.