6 becomes

︎︎︎ Maija Mist

︎ Jan 13, 2024

the vessel & its output
containment thru containers of lifetimes past
              clinging desperately to a semblance of
              what you don t kno you don t want


              i am not you
              Did you remember

the all seaing tried you


                          pile palace
                          dirt den
                          swift becoming
                          all the warehouses that ate your sweat
                          all the dust fields
                          becoming you
                          all the value we place on things we forget
                          locked away in storage better left sold on a lawn
                          or in a box curbside

once i only created from ash
once i let you overtake me
once i fell deep into the becoming & rose new
two times or

Maija Mist is a mother, artist, teacher, and learner.

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