100 plumes of fogged glass

︎︎︎ Joe Mullen

︎ JUNE 16, 2022

melt then undo
in the image of the
one true God
chewing on my
nectarine eyes
spitting their pits into a bucket of fire
for the many years celebration
all the inscrutable hunks
giggling on the swing set
in a parted lake of spit
mooing at each other
before the sun slips off &
becomes pure desire
we can kill the ancient evil
the lie that we’re separate
keep skating
on this scoop of lemon ice
for 1000 years
then pick me up in your car
I’m at my house
on the computer.

Joe Mullen
is a writer from the North Shore of Long Island. His work has previously appeared in No, Dear. Say hey @123jm1234.