100% dark chocolate or poison

︎︎︎ Clár Tillekens

︎Nov 18, 2023

A rumor went around that I tried to poison someone once.

I offered them a piece of 100% dark chocolate and they had a conniption when they ate it.

Foolish of me, really, as I know building up a tolerance is necessary.

70% this week, 85% next, 90% the following, and so on.

Diligent training of the palate.

If you don’t believe me, check the directions on the wrapping of Lindt’s EXCELLENCE bars.

Clár Tillekens is a visual artist and writer. Her domains include heritage, place attachment, mysticism, and UX. She’s from New York and rural Ireland, and based in London. You can find her work in a few places, including the British Journal of Photography, Ain’t Bad, The Drunken Canal, and Hot Potato.

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